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Changes in Monies management

As part of a revitalisation strategy, Monies hired Anne Christine Persson in 2018 to begin a process of structuring and rebranding the jewellery company. The last 18 months have been an exciting time with many new ventures for Monies. A new team has been set, a new website was launched introducing e-commerce, new high-end stores were added to Monies’ list of retailers, the opening of the Paris boutique, exciting articles and editorials in international magazine and the award of Brand of the Year at this year’s ELLE Style Awards.

Anne Christine Persson has been instrumental in this process and she has now chosen to resign her position to pursue personal projects and will leave the daily management to founders Gerda and Nikolai Monies. She will, however, continue on Monies’ board of directors to ensure the new direction is followed, and she will furthermore continue in the capacity of external consultant on various projects for Monies.